A Czech Tradition


Absinthe established as a Czech favorite.


The new communist regime closes many distilleries, but the original Czech recipes are saved.


The Czech Absinthe Ritual is born.


Björk and The Sugar Cubes discover Absinthe while on tour in Prague, and bring it to the UK where it becomes a cult phenomenon.


Hill’s introduces Absinthe to North America (Canada). It is the first time Absinthe has been in America since the 1911 Ban in the USA.


Hill’s Absinthe grows to be the number one selling product of its kind.

Distilled according to a century-old Czech tradition, Hill’s Absinthe is as world-renowned as the fiery ritual that absinthe drinkers have come to know and love.

If flames aren’t your thing, try Hill’s with a splash of soda, in a cocktail, or in a Martini. Its unique low-anise flavour is the perfect complement to your favourite mixed drinks.

Hill’s takes care to use only the finest quality herbs and distilling processes, following original recipes established in the early 1900s. In fact, our exceptional absinthe includes more than 10 hand-selected herbs and spices, as well as the infamous main ingredient from which it takes its name, Artemisia absinthium (or grand wormwood).

Hill’s Absinthe single-handedly resurrected this storied spirit from near oblivion in the early 1990s. In fact, rumour has it the flaming Absinthe Ritual was started with a bottle of Hill’s during this period.

And who are we to argue?

Read more about our company, discover some new cocktail recipes, and find out why tonight belongs to Hill’s Absinthe.

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